About us


The soul of a Vertical Garden is to introduce indoors the vegetation with unprecedented intensity.

This idea originates from thorough observation of the nature, in particular epiphyte community in the equatorial forests.

IQ GARDEN technology of the Vertical Garden makes it possible to create plant compositions on the walls of buildings in winter gardens as well as in office space, homes, hotels, etc. The team of IQ GARDEN architects takes maximum care that every project has a unique composition harmonizing with the aesthetics of the interior. Green walls have a very positive impact on the psyche of people in their environment.

Such a large number of plants negatively ionizes and humidifies the air and some species absorb from the environment volatile substances hazardous to human health. For the construction of the wall was used nearly 95% of environmentally friendly, biodegradable natural materials. Also automatically dosed fertilizers and pesticides used for the care are organic products.

Vertical Gardens is a perfect idea to introduce vegetation into the interior without limitation of the usable space. Fully automatic control of the climate, lighting, fertilization and irrigation releases the facility users and administrators from every day duties connected with the care of plants.